Polar Bear Foundation
Dr. Brian M. Small Scholarships


  • Applicants must reside within the Northern York County School District.  Residency may be subject to verification.


  • Applications for the Polar Bear Foundation’s (PBF) scholarship program, especially the essays, must be completed by the individual requesting assistance.  Applications and essays completed on behalf of another person will be disqualified.


  • Applicants must have received a high school diploma by the end of the 2021-22 school year.

  • Applicants must have acceptance at a college, trade school, beauty school or other institution approved by the selection committee.

  • Applicants will submit a letter of reference with completed application.  Students should submit a letter, with academic and character references, from a teacher or guidance counselor from their school.

  • Applicants will submit an essay, with a minimum word count of 250 words, explaining why community service is important to him/her along with a history of his/her community service activities and why he/she is deserving of the Scholarship Award.  The Selection Committee will evaluate each letter/essay with consideration given to the content, form, grammar, neatness and presentation of the letter/essay.

  • Applicants must complete the attached application in its entirety and submit it to the Polar Bear Foundation Scholarship Committee no later than April 15, 2022.

  • Applicant must be a legal resident of the United States of America.

  • Current High School students should supply a transcript/ grade report from their most recent academic year in order to demonstrate commitment to academic excellence and their academic goals.

Additional Scholarship Information:

  • To request an electronic version of the scholarship application, email PBF@northernyork.org or visit the PBF website www.polarbearfoundation.net and select “Grants & Scholarships”.

  • Presentation of the awards will take place at the Senior Awards banquet.

  • Scholarship funds will be dispersed directly to the institution of higher learning.  Institutions will be instructed to return the balance of the scholarship to PBF if the student is unable to complete their academic plan.

  • All applications must include the required attachments:

  • Essay: Type-written; 250 words minimum on “Why community service is important to me” and include a history of your community involvement

  • Teacher recommendation or letter of reference

  • Transcript / grade report from most current school year

  • Page 1 of the FAFSA Student Aid Report

  • Questions about the scholarship application process may be directed to the PBF offices at (717) 432-8691 ext. 1125 or email PBF@northernyork.org.

Mail Completed Application To:                     

Polar Bear Foundation
Attn: Scholarship Committee
 South Baltimore Street

Dillsburg, PA 17019