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Polar Bear Foundation Grants

Together We Make Good Things Happen!

The Polar Bear Foundation can help YOU make good things happen! 

New for the 2023-24 school year - One Application for Both! 

We support grants for immediate needs (previous NOW grants) and larger program or project needs.

Apply for a PBF Grant today!

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Applications are reviewed by the PBF

Grants Committee and brought to the

Superintendent or the appropriate

district administrator for review. The

district review will help determine how

the project or idea fits into the district

mission, curriculum, and/or if it falls

outside of the district’s financial

capacity. The district administration will

provide a recommendation to the PBF

Grants committee, and a final decision

will be submitted to the full PBF Board

of Directors.

Grant Requirements

Successful applicants will be required to

provide a progress report, images of

their grant in use, budget reconciliation

documents, and any other information

requested by PBF. Any information

provided may be used for publication in

newsletters, local news media, and/or

the PBF website.

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