Polar Bear Foundation Grants

In 2020-21, the PBF will be awarding over $22,000 in grants. We encourage applications for equipment, supplies, curriculum supplements, and more! Teachers - if you need something quickly, try our new NOW grants, and apply anytime. Our larger, annual grants are reviewed and awarded in the spring for use the following school year.  Bring your creativity to apply for one of our Classroom Innovation Grants.  Our Program Grants are open to clubs, athletic teams, art and music programs, health and wellness programs and more. Explore the opportunities and apply today!

NOW Grants (Needs-Opportunities-Wishes)  Apply anytime. Most decisions made within 30 days.


How can we get you what you NEED, allow you and your students to capitalize on new OPPORTUNITIES, and grant you classroom-related WISHES? 


We designated special funding to be available quickly, so you can incorporate new ideas, technology, and/or programming into your brick and mortar classrooms or your virtual ones too!  The application is simple and straightforward with a signature needed by your building principal. 


At any time during the year, as needs, opportunities, and wishes arise -  apply for a NOW Grant.  The PBF has your back! 

Annual Grants

Each spring the PBF considers two types of grant applications - Classroom Innovation Grants and Program Grants. Each type of grant is described below. To be considered for one of our Annual Grants, applicants should complete the application and submit it along with the other requested documentation to the PBF office by April 15, 2021.

Classroom Innovation Grants


These grants are intended to ignite classroom creativity and innovation. Grants may be submitted by individual teachers or a team of teachers and materials requested should directly benefit students.

Program Grants

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These grants are designed to reach beyond a single classroom to fund a program or initiatve that impacts a particular department, activity, project, or an entire school. Funds should be used to support particular aspects of the program that are beyond the scope of the regular budget.


Grant applications are due by April 15, 2021.


Applicants should submit the application with a thorough description of the proposed program, a description of the program's goals for students, and a clear and concise measure to evaluate the program's overall impact and effectiveness.


Grants are initially reviewed by the Superintendent and/or his designee(s) to determine how the project or idea fits into the district curriculum and if it falls outside of the district's financial capacity.


Grants are then considered by the Grant Committee of the Polar Bear Foundation and recommendations on whether to provide funding are submitted to the full PBF Board of Directors.


Final approval will come from the PBF’s Board of Directors.  Successful applicants will be required to provide a progress report, images of their grant being put to use, and any other information requested by the Foundation for publication in newsletters, local news media and/or the Foundation’s website.