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Polar Bear Foundation Grants

Support from the community made a tremendous difference last year.  Students, staff and families responded with strength and resilience.  Together We Made Good Things Happen - THANK YOU!

We have the momentum, we have the vision, let's TEAR into the year!

With your financial support, PBF will...

NOW Grants (Needs-Opportunities-Wishes)  Apply anytime. Most decisions made within 30 days.


Designed specifically with classroom teachers in mind, NOW Grants offer a timely grant request process for teacher's Needs, Opportunities, and Wishes.  Grants intended to be used in a classroom throughout the school year should apply for a NOW Grant.

We've designated special funding to be available quickly, so you can incorporate new ideas, technology, and/or programming into your classrooms!  The application is simple and straightforward. 


At any time during the year, as needs, opportunities, and wishes arise -  apply for a NOW Grant.  The PBF has your back! 

Annual Grants

The PBF awards Program Grants in the fall and spring of each year to teachers and programs that may be beyond the scope of the district's operating budget. To be considered for one of our Program Grants, applicants should complete the application and submit it along with the other requested documentation to the PBF office by the deadlines listed on the application.  


Applications are reviewed by the Grants Committee of the Polar Bear Foundation and brought to the Superintendent and/or his designee(s) to determine how the project or idea fits into the district curriculum and if it falls outside of the district's financial capacity.  Recommendations on whether to provide funding are submitted to the full PBF Board of Directors.


Final approval will come from the PBF’s Board of Directors.  Successful applicants will be required to provide a progress report, images of their grant being put to use, and any other information requested by the Foundation for publication in newsletters, local news media and/or the Foundation’s website.

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