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2023 Gala Event

After 3 years, we are excited to announce our 2023 PBF Gala to be held on Friday, April 21st at The Willows at Ashcombe Mansion! Join us for an evening of games, food & drinks, silent auction, and mansion tours to celebrate our successfully funded grants at NYCSD.
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Anyone CAN COOK!

Recently the Polar Bear Foundation held their Annual Anyone CAN COOK event at Greystone Pavilion at Range End.  The first-time event featured 16 chefs competing for 1st place in their food category along with local craft beverages.  Musical entertainment, a silent auction and beautiful weather rounded out the exciting evening.  Planning is underway for next year!   

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PBF Polar Plunge

Dillsburg is a community with strong ties and so many graduates stay or return to raise families and belong to the community they grew up in.  Some venture out-of-state and out-of-the-country.  No matter where they end up, the Polar Bear Foundation wants each student to have the best and most varied educational opportunities so they can succeed after graduation and become contributing members of whatever community they decide to call home.  Our dedication to our youth today benefits our tomorrows.

While the Polar Plunges are fun, they serve to make the Polar Bear Foundation more well-known and to raise important dollars.  Fall and Spring program grants are the large ones that benefit entire grades, groups or schools so their funding costs are higher.  We continue to review and approve grants on a monthly basis with NOW Grants.  Dollars raised are dollars that turn into Kindertown, summer music lessons, writing club, guidance curriculum for anti-bullying and much, much more. 

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Annual Golf Outing

Dillsburg golfers and businesses, DRIVE towards inspiring, innovative education with your aces and birdies for the Polar Bear Foundation!    Wait, what is the whirring noise- the blades of a chopper? Haverfield Aviation is donating a helicopter to drop numbered golf balls on the course for the annual Golf Ball Drop! All this fun on a Friday morning supports a very important cause, the educational and growth opportunities at Northern York County School District.  In the past twelve months the PBF has funded Kindertown, the FFA trip to their convention in Indianapolis, math stations in 5th grade, summer band and orchestra lessons for elementary and middle school musicians, artist in residence for all 3rd graders, and AED unit, microphones for stage productions and a wellness program for district staff.  Dollars spent on the golf outing or by business sponsors will go directly to grants applied for this spring for the 2022-23 school year.  This is a great opportunity to show that your business or organization supports the students and staff of NYCSD, that you are dedicated to the future by investing in education now.

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