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In 2020-21, the PBF will be awarding over $22,000 in grants. Explore the opportunities and apply today!


NOW Grants


With our school year in full swing, it is absolutely clear that this is a year unlike any we’ve ever experienced.  The challenges are immense, the demands are high, and needs are at a premium.


Consider applying for our new NOW Grants!  These were designed specifically with teachers in mind and in response to the unprecedented and ever-changing needs of educators.  How can we get you what you NEED, allow you and your students to capitalize on new OPPORTUNITIES, and grant you classroom-related WISHES? 


We have allocated funding that will be available quickly so you can incorporate new ideas, technology, and/or programming into your brick and mortar classrooms or your virtual ones too!  The application is simple and straightforward with a signature needed by your building principal. 


As needs, opportunities, and wishes may arise at any time during the year, you may apply whenever convenient to you.  Please consider applying.  The PBF has your back!

More About Grants and Selection...

To be considered for a grant, applicants should complete the attached application and submit it along with the other requested documentation to the NYSCD office by April 15, 2021.

Program Grants: These grants fund programs that are generally beyond the scope of the District’s operating budget. Existing programs seeking renewed funding must include a description and summary of the previous year’s program. New applicants are asked to include a description of how the program will be  evaluated for its impact and effectiveness.

Mini Grants: Established in 2008 to encourage creative classroom projects, these grants range in size from $300 to $1,000.  Proposals may be submitted by individual faculty members or by teams of faculty members (with a designated contact person). Included in the selection criteria are: number of students likely to benefit; level of creativity/innovation; congruence with district curriculum/mission; strength of evaluation component; and level of adaptability to other similar applications.  Applicants should submit the attached application with a thorough description of the proposed program, a description of the program's goals for students, and a clear and concise measure to evaluate the program's overall impact and effectiveness.

Grant applications are initially reviewed by the Superintendent and/or his designee(s) who will make recommendations to be considered by the Grant Committee of the Polar Bear Foundation. Final approval will come from the PBF’s Board of Directors.  Successful applicants will be required to provide a progress report and any other information requested by the Foundation for publication in newsletters, local news media and/or the Foundation’s website.

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