This school year will be different.
Let's make good things happen.

There is no doubt this school year will be different. 

Each one of us continues to be impacted in various ways by the unexpected events of 2020, and we hope that you and your families are doing well in these unprecedented times.


Our schools have been impacted too. Teachers, students, administrators and staff are facing new challenges and they need our support now more than ever.

With your financial support, Polar Bear Foundation will...


Seek new ways to respond to what is needed NOW -

N.O.W. Grants - Brand new grant being offered to teachers this fall to support the Needs, Opportunities, and Wishes, that couldn't have been imagined last year.

Continue the work we are known for -

Classroom Grants

Senior Scholarships

Varying support for athletics, academics and the arts

Even in the midst of these uncertain times, we hope that you will find peace knowing that our schools will continue to thrive because of your generosity.


Together we can continue to make good things happen for our kids, our schools, and our community.

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Polar Circle Donors
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We Appreciate Our Donors!

Yard Signs

First 200 donors will show NYCSD pride with a back to school yard sign!

PBF Swag

Fun Coozies, T-shirts, Stadium Chairs and more for our new Polar Circle Members!

Sports Pass

2020-2021 All Seasons SPORTS PASS for donors at $250+ level


We love our donors and want to celebrate you online, and at our PBF events!

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