Recent Grant Winners
Program Grants:

Laura Bissell - Microphones for High School Musical

Chad McCartney - Elementary & Middle School Summer Band Lessons

Beth Myers - District Wellness Program

Rachel Roach - 3rd Grade Dance Experience with Jason Reed

NOW Grants:

Dillsburg Youth Baseball - AED Unit

Allyson Lang - Math Experience Activities

2020 - 2021

NOW Grants:

Laura Bissell - NHS Spring Musical Costume Accessories

Michele Brymesser - Lakeshore Learning Instant Learning Centers

Casey Grim - 1st & 2nd Grade iPad Styluses

Raina Kane - Chair Back Bags

Tracy Marshall - Coding & Game Design

Northern Music Boosters - Band Banner 

Allison Ometz - Recording & Editing MS Choir Concert

Korena Rosenberry - Book Club Materials 

Victoria Spinelli - Floor Seating Cushions

Shannon Trostle - Personal Finance Books

2019 - 2020

Program Grants:

Allison Ometz - Giving Choir
Gerry Schwille - Elliptical Trainer
Kimberley Long - High def document cameras
Laura Bissell - Musical - lighting items and accessories
Lauren Berry - Life Skills Consortia Prom
Shannon Trostle - Personal Finance Survival Guide
Stephanie DePalmer - Rachel's Challenge
Ryan Fryer - Surgery Live (ad hoc)

Jason Beals - Podcaster Studio Set (ad hoc)
Jason Beals - Elementary Discovery Labs equipment (ad hoc)



Program Grants:

Janelle Kopac - Class set of books "Ellis Island for 3rd Graders"
Elementary principals - Artist in Residence Program for 3rd grader
Project Polar Cares - Clothing racks, renovations
Matthew Brindle & Chris Oles - Tanks for Trout
Mary Frederiksen - Culture kits
Janelle Kopac - Supplies for 3rd grade Economics Fair
Stephanie DePalmer - Rachel's Challenge Chain Reaction Program
Raina Kane - Playaway Bookpacks
Lauren Berry - Life Skills prom



Program Grants:

Tiffany Griffie-Gross - DARE Program
Laura Bissell - HS Musical
Troy Sauer - Middle School Transition Program

Elementary principals - Artist in Residence Program for 3rd grader
Blake Moore - 2 CNC simulators
Jennifer Gruber - Book Buddies
Amber Gunning - Jr. Achievement STEM Summit
Nicole Guttacker/Jennifer Isaac - Document cameras for 9th grade Earth/Space Science
Northern Youth Football and Cheer - Portable Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
Boys Volleyball - Aircat Volleyball Drill Machine
Jennifer Bechtel - Clothing Closet
Jennifer Bechtel - Kindergarten Welcome Book (entire District)

Carol Richwine - Farm to School intern


Program Grants:

Tiffany Griffie-Gross - DARE Program
Laura Bissell - HS Musical
Troy Sauer - 6th Grade Transition Program

Jay Young - Elementary Artist-in-Residence program

Laura Bissell - Choral workshop by Asian vocal group

Emily Reed - purchase of non-fiction text

Christine Bodisch - Reader's Theaters scripts for 4th grade

Jessica Crawford - Spanish readers

Allyson Lang - After school STEM mat program

Brittany Rebuck - Incorporating STEM in FACS

Kathey Walker - School community gardens

Jessica Clay - STEM club for 2nd and 3rd grade

Megan Kunkel - STEM group for 4th and 5th grade

Carol Richwine - Farm to School intern


Program Grants:

Andrea Atkins (Band Boosters) - Marching Band to Florida Trip
Tiffany Griffie - DARE Program
Laura Bissell - HS Musical 3 components Pit director, Constumes+props, choreographer
Gerry Schwille - Joe Ehrman - Guest Speaker
Daryl Balseiro - Fight Song Commission
Jason Beals - Ready Freddy - Kindergarten Preparedness Program
Jason Beals - After School Tutoring Program
Troy Sauer - 6th Grade Transition Program
Tom Hatch - Electronic Balances – Chemistry
Daryl Balseiro - Artist-in-Residence Program


Teacher Mini Grants:

Janelle Kopac - 3rd grade books for Dillsburg Elementary
Marianne Kirkhoff - Kindergarten Level books for South Mountain
Chris Young- iPad2s for class instruction at Dillsburg Elementary
Cody Ebersole - QuickSilver Adventure Education Pack for middle school students
Jennifer Brink - National Arts Honor Society at the high school
Chad Mowery - Model UN program conference for high school students
Beth Wire - Scholarships for AP Exams for high school
Cindy Ebner - iPad2 for health and aquatics instruction at the high school
Janice Brubaker & Raina Kane - Non-fiction marine animal books for South Mountain
Jessica Clay - Multi-media Studio at South Mountain
Carol Wenger - iPad2s for RttII Reader's Theatre at Dillsburg Elementary
Samantha Jones - Special Needs Prom for high school students
Emily Reed - CUB Club literacy and numeracy materials for Dillsburg Elementary


Program Grants:

Jennifer Brink & Melanie Carroll - iPad2s in high school & middle school art classes
Joseph Nebistinsky - Jazz Band Workshoop for high school & middle school jazz bands
Nanette DeRemer & Daryl Balseiro - Indoor Dance Teams & Color Guard costumes and equipment
Steve Lehman - Heritage Days programs for elementary buildings
Amanda Sabers - iPad2s for elementary library services
Kelly Mefford - iPad2s for math instruction at Northern elementary
Jennifer Gruber - Assembly of Songs on American Heroes
Laura Bissell - NHS Musical costumes, props and choreographer
Angela Love - NMS Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program
Michael Walker - 6th Grade Transition to Middle School
Tiffany Griffie-Gross & Angela Love - iPad2s for 6th grade science instruction
Meagan Smyers - Certified Veterinary Assistant Program for high school students
Daryl Balseiro - iPad2s for high school and elementary band instruction
Jason Beals - Ready Freddy Kindergarten Preparedness Program
Jason Beals - After School Tutoring Program
Emily Reed - I-Pick Summer Reading Program materials for elementary students
Susan Smead & Kyle Sokol - iPads for high school art and graphics classes
Mark Clendaniel - NMS Future Problem Solvers International Competition